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How it works


Transfer money internationally in 3 simple steps and start saving with Travelex International Payments.

1. Register for a free personal account and receive a free quote.
• The system will verify your details and send you a confirmation email
• Setup your beneficiary banking details

2. Log-in to get live rates, confirm bank details and book a deal.
• Receive a free online quote
• Book your deal
• One of our dealers will confirm the deal and your payment details with you

3. Transfer your funds; we’ll take care of the rest!
• An email will be sent to you confirming the deal and providing our bank details
• Transfer your money online and let us do the rest!

Register now for FREE to get the best deal on your foreign exchange!  Transactions start from A$500. If you make a transfer within the next month, your first transfer is FREE.

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Security of Your Funds

Security is important when transferring money internationally. Find out more.

What We Don't Offer

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Your Funds

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A fast and simple way to send your money internationally.

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