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We promise safe, competitive and fast international money transfers 

There are many reasons people need to transfer money overseas. Perhaps you are immigrating to Singapore with your family, buying property in Italy or have simply found a great purchase overseas. Whatever the reason, you want to get the most value for your hard earned money. We work tirelessly to make this process as simple, cost effective and safe for you as possible.

The days of waiting in line at the bank are over

Who likes long queues at the bank? They eat into your lunch hour, the kids go crazy and everyone looks so impatient.

With this service, you can kiss those days goodbye! The online dealing platform is secure, speedy and easy to use. Here’s how.

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Why us?

We listen to our clients’ needs and then tailor our services to suit. We understand that sending money overseas can be costly without the best service, competitive rates and minimal fees.

- Transactions start from $500 or regular payments of $400 (or equivalent)

- Only Travelex International Payments offers the International Payments Price Promise – find a better price within 30 minutes and we will beat it.

Once you’ve registered you can compare our rates online to find out just how competitive we really are.

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